Back to School Checklist

School’s Back in Session!  Well, teachers are back in some districts; in others, all staff return very soon.  If your child has learning differences or medical differences, there are some things that need to be taken care of before school starts. 

  • Review the IEP/504!
    • Blow off the dust from last year’s IEP or 504 and review it to make sure that everything still applies to your child.
    • Check medication and make notes regarding any changes.
    • Look at test scores from the spring to make sure that the learning goals are still valid.
  • Arrange a meeting with the new teacher and new case manager (if changed)!
    • Parents don’t have the option of choosing staff, and good schools work to make the child/teacher pair a solid fit (after all, they’re going to be spending 180 days with your child).  Meet with the teacher.  Have your child meet the new teacher.
    • Review changes to medication.
    • Discuss those test scores.
  • Revise Behavioral Goals for the year!
    • Summer slide is real.  Schedules get more relaxed despite our best intentions, but your child has matured in many ways over the summer, so reviewing big goals for behavior and mini goals to get to that big goal is imperative.  Be honest and specific about what you want for your child to accomplish this year, and be open to the school’s thoughts, as well.
    • Review and revise the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and be prepared to talk about any new challenges that may have come up during the summer.
  • Discuss a safety plan!
    • If your child has any medical issues such as Diabetes or Seizures, BEFORE school starts is the time to talk about those and make sure that there is a concrete plan in place for tackling any situations that may arise. Do not wait for the year to settle in on this one.

A new school year means new teachers, new staff, and in some ways, new training for those who haven’t worked with your child. Make sure that you carve out some time to meet with the teachers and staff, so academic year 2020 gets started off on the right foot.

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